Thursday, March 11, 2010

Utopia - The way it's all gonna come together...

D and I had a really interesting conversation to do with our life tonight. I'm not going to get into the details in this post (need to gather thoughts and have a early morning blog session for that one!) but....after D and I finshed talking this we  started discussing how we'd  like to formulate the "laws" of Utopia. We both wrote this post together (WHOA! we did something together! for my BLOG! big stuff people!)

Ok here goes....

1. Everyone eats together.  Like at camp. One big happy family, each taking turns cooking for everyone else. 

2 Minimal dish philosophy.   This means everyone has a bowl and plate (made by themselves? during a commune pottery class?   Or just get THAT guy to make yours... I'll bet he makes A LOT of bowls!), a fork, knife and spoon, a cup (etc...etc...) and everyone washes their dish&utensils in a fun fountain (like, remember those fountain sinks that there used to be in elementary school? The ones with the foot pedal? I friggin loved those things) with everyone else after eating :D  Doing dishes ain't so bad if it's fun, and you only have to wash one dish!

3. Zero-footprint law.   This means - well... you all probably know what it means... but for those "non-camping"types, it basically means you aren't to harm, alter or destroy any part of the land/forest/swamp/ WHATEVER you happen to inhabit. That means if you put it there, you take it away when you leave, and leave no evidence of it ever being there.   Or even better - leave it there, but make it organic so that it can one day be one with it's environment.

4.NO NEGATIVE NELLIES!  And D INVENTED THIS ONE!!! HOLY SHIT. Was that a pig?  I'm on the 17th floor and I seriously think a pig just flew by. 
But seriously.  You all know my mantra - positive thinking = positive living.
Anyone that's not down with that?  OUTSKI!

5.Nothing living is to be harmed.  Ok within reason.  Like, you can still eat veggies and fruit and all.  And we can eat meat and all that good stuf..... but like... don't go tramping around on ant hills for fun, or tearing through Charlotte's Web just for a laugh. 

6. Eco-friendly living.  This one is kind of obvious, but we will utilize only renewable sources of energy.  Solar, Wind, Hydro(the good kind, with the things that take energy from waves) etc etc.

7. Limited impact on the surface.   Whoa... Dinny's getting really excited talking about this one....   We can tap into geo-thermal energy easier this way, and uber cool in the summer, nice & cozy in the winter... We'd be good to go if there were a nuclear meltdown, or something...   And it's just all round cool. And we'll have Free Spirit tree-spheres up on the surface so if we want to go above ground for the night, or if a guest shows up and you don't want them to know where exactly  the house is (aka secret laboratory *whispers D*) there's an awesome little pod waiting.

OK I'm babbling.

 8. no CIGARETTE smoking and no ALCOHOLIC drinking.   As in, if the majority sees  a problem with your drinking, there WILL be an intervention.  And if that doesn't work... OUTSKI! 

Oh. we are ganja friendly, but again, if you're a total stoner pot head douchebag mooching off everyone else.... OUTSKI!

9. NO CABLE TV .  We shall still have fast internet.  D and I have been getting by just FINE this way, and limited exposure to the commercial BULLSHIT is excellent.  And I LOVE watching stuff with no commercial breaks.  YAY. 

10. Absolutely NO vehicles that emit emissions.
If that means you gotta ride a f'ing horse, then do it!   Oh.  Good luck pooper scooping that sucker.

And thaaaaaat's all folks!  Well, for now anyways because it's 10pm and we are going to watch a summer camp inspired movie.  Not sure which one yet, but if you know a good one we're always open for suggestions! (movie suggestions OR Utopia suggestions)

Please comment - hearing from you makes me happy!


  1. What a world that would be! Btw, I've seen horses wearing a poop-catching bag...I think it some little town in Europe...can't quite remember where!

  2. Now...what shall we all do for work then? I vote Joseph to be the commune engineer. And I the town...cryer? Yeah! We'll need someone around to talk a lot and share news!

  3. Well, I think that a poop-catching bag would be just fantastic... and as for our jobs? Yes, Plaidy, Joseph can be the commune engineer, and you can be the town crier.... and I think we'll keep nice and busy tending to the gardens, keeping the animals happy etc etc :D We're gonna be self sufficient after all - growing/raising our own food, making our own clothes etc. :D

  4. I'M IN!!

    I can watch the children (Yes, we will all eventually have children!), and I am pretty good at cooking for large groups.

  5. sounds great! count me in too :)



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