Monday, March 8, 2010

Please 'scuse my MIA status....

I thought I would take some time on this sunny Monday morning to explain my MIA status on Twitter lately. And my sporadic blog postings. I really do like to make an effort to write every day, but I've been just swamped.   I don't know if it's intentional ( as in, did I intentionally overpack my life so as to run away from the darkness I experienced recently? I don't know) however, my schedule has been insane lately.

Many of you know that I run a home-operated company with D, and that during the winter, our off-season, we are really not that busy.   But in the last week I have felt like we're in mid-November, our highest peak, and running full force - only, making no money at it.   We've been gathering our resources, talking to people, searching our files for letters, receipts, PROOF!  that we don't owe the $5000 that we're being sued for.

So that has been fun.

And we've also become a professional moving team.  Since Wednesday we've been up at my parents house moving furniture around, bringing stuff home (my living room now looks like a memorabilia hall of fame)  On Thursday we packed up and moved, and then unpacked and assembled/put away what was left in my Uncle's condo so that my parents could rent it out.  There was a lot more stuff there than I thought there would be so we had to go back on Friday to finish up......

Then, Saturday was my birthday.... didn't really do much actually.  Got my hair done - I know, I promised pics but it's sticking straight up on end at this moment 'cuz she put product in it (something I never ever do) and I just woke up. But I will show ya a pic of the fab stuff I got. (and the link for the book which is BEAUTIFUL)

And Sunday I did my usual trip to the hospital at noon, and then we went out with my family (including my cousin whom I have never met who flew in from Israel on Sunday morning!Though it's a sad & depressing reason for a visit, I am so glad to be finally meeting her.  She was like a sister to my Mom growing up.)

So, needless to re-iterate, I've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, and I think I'm paying for it a bit now.  My health (and therefore energy level/endurance abilities) are SUPER diminished.... I think I'm going to have to lay real low today.  But that's good 'cuz hopefully I can catch up on what you all have been doing and writing about in the last few days!  Remember.....

OH YAH! and PS...

Thanks to everyone who voted for the songs! I Love You took the lead. with 61% preferring it to Caution.   Now - the question is.... since I have no money currently to go to a studio to record it... shall I keep the polls open?

Please comment - hearing from you makes me happy!


  1. I'm glad you were able to find proof for the lawsuit against you!

  2. Keep the polls open! It'll help you stay focused and allow for as much feedback as possible.

  3. wow busy busy busy! And I agree keep the polls open! :)

  4. I'm a bit newer so I was unaware of this business. What exactly do you two do?

  5. I've missed you!! Glad your back!! :D :) <3



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