Saturday, March 20, 2010

The NaVe&D Zoo - Part One

It's amazing how a blog face-lift can inspire!

All I've been doing all morning is thinking up blog posts - and the one that won out for today? Part one of the zoo post I've been promising since the beginning of my little adventure here in the blogisphere! I'm going to do it in two parts to make it not so long.  We have a lot of critters!

Today, ladies and gents, you will be introduced to the furry members of our little (mostly) harmonious zoo.

First stop? The cat fur babies.

This is Sess, Sessie, Sesscabob... you get the point. I'm not quite sure how old she is. She's my first cat EVER, and the reason I am now only one step away from being a crazy-cat-lady. (D keeps me balanced precariously on the ledge of that particular pitfall) I got here as a rescue from an Animal Hospital I worked at in 2004/2005.  She was kept in a cage above where I kept my stuff and kept playing with my ponytail every morning.  It was pretty much love at first sight.   She has a broken K-9 which I am going to have to sell my first non-fur baby to get fixed (joking - OBVIOUSLY I WOULD NEVER DO THAT. But that's about how much it's gonna cost).  She also pukes pretty much daily, not quite sure why, but she's a happy girl, eating and pleasantly plump, so I'm just gonna keep loving her!

This funny guy is Topper.   He can be found in most cases laying on his back twitching like he's seizing 'cuz he's purring so hard.  There is a YouTube video of that coming soon! He's my baby - we rescued him as a tiny kitten from a friend who took him from a crack-head's house, half his whiskers had been burnt off and I'm pretty sure he has ingested some hard drugs at some point in his life. He was once really skinny - which you can see here is a faint memory at best.  He's as happy-go-lucky as can be now... and I'm pretty sure he thinks he's a dog.  YouTube evidence of that coming as well. He's completely fearless (or slightly stupid, we aren't sure) and won't back down from either one of our big dogs.  Our female dog raised him as her puppy.

This picture pretty much summarizes the story.  Can you see how Sess recoils at the mere sight of her adopted brother Topper? Poor girl - she really loved being an only child.   She hates him and the only time she ever grooms him, or tolerates him at all, is when I "force" her to by holding him in front of her face so she can groom him.  It's pretty funny. I had to do this at first to teach Topper to groom 'cuz he was a nasty little shit-stained kitten who never had a chance to learn to groom from his mommy.

Now, to the dog fur-babies.

This is Bronx.  He weighs 100 lbs. He is going on 11 years old - wouldn't think so would ya?  He's got a bit of grey under his chin though, and he's starting to appreciate my fibromyalgia gait when I walk him, gives him a chance to meander along with me and smell the roses.   He's a HUGE suckie baby... until he sees a dog on the street.  Then it's ON!  He was attacked by a pit bull as a puppy and D has never been able to get the aggressive reflex to relax in him.  Callin' Cesar Millan!  We need his help!  We love our pups to death, but their aggression towards other dogs creates a barrier between us and all our fellow dog-walkers/lovers.  And it sucks for the dogs too because it means that they NEVER go off leash.  Ever.  And we don't have a yard, so that sucks even more.  But we do our best, and aside from some recent issues Bronx is a happy and healthy boy!

This is Atilla.  She weighs 75lbs. She's going on 10 years old.  As you can tell in this picture she loves to be comfy.   This dog HATES going camping.  Can you believe that?  She whines and cries when she has to sleep on the ground outside.  We literally have to bring couch cushions for her to sleep on.  She's a princess.   And a lean mean fighting machine.  She learned Bronx's hatred for other dogs and sounds like a wild jackal when she's see's one... "mommy, mommy pleeeaaasseee let me rip up that little fifi dog!" It's sad.   We try and try to teach them to love other dogs, but it's just not happening.  Our friends just got a little puppy - we're hoping to introduce our dogs to it with strong cage muzzles on.  We are thinking that perhaps the puppy smell will lessen the aggressive instinct.

 When we first moved in to this apartment (date is wrong, it was actually in 2007) we gave the big sucks our old mattress.  Check out Bronx, maximizing comfort by using a pillow.  They both steal pillows from our bed at night if we aren't careful.

And here are a few more of my fave pics of the furry babies.

Oh man, I have a billion pics I could put up here..... I'll put up two more... just two more..

Ok! Thaaaaaat's All Folks!  If you wanna see some more - leave a comment! Leave a comment even if you're sick to death of seeing pics of my fur-babies.  Moral of the story? LEAVE A COMMENT!................................................................please!


  1. omg, I love all these pics! I miss having furbabies...dh is resistant, and using ttc as an excuse to delay getting more. My last kitty died a year ago.

    Give them some snuggles for me!

  2. They're all so cute. Cats are such a mess. I know mine are, anyway. Lol. Stopping by from the Lady Bloggers Social Tea Party. :)



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