Monday, April 19, 2010

How WE'RE living...

MTV does it, so why not the Twitterverse?

I'm not sure who thought of #twitterhometour, but I heard about it through @karmapearl - and a big thanks goes out to her!   I think this is such a fantastic idea!

What better way to really get to know one another than to invite each other into our homes?

The interior decorator part of me wanted to have a picture perfect #twitterhometour, but then I realized, this isn't my portfolio, it's my life.

And my life right now is situated in a 2 bedroom apartment in Toronto.

But the commune is coming - I can almost smell it in the summer(ish) air! We spend a lot of time looking at listings for vacant land out in the country nowadays.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video - Originally D recorded one, in great detail, of our living room, and all it's inhabitants, but YouTube was being extraordinarily stubborn so I couldn't upload it (it was too long I think, plus, our new camera has really high resolution therefore, large file size)


  1. Love all the plants and books-so homey feeling <3

  2. I love your apartment. I *feels* like a home and I adore that! Mine doesn't feel so much like a home right now because we might be moving so I don't have ANYTHING on the walls.

    Love your place!

  3. LOVE all the animals!! and seriously, I wanna come over for steaks!! :D

    thanks for sharing your house! I will do mine someday. hopefully. lol

  4. Cool! You did an awesome job! Love your fish tank and jungle wall. Thanks for letting us all in!



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