Wednesday, April 21, 2010

(sorta) Wordless Wednesday

 Anticipating my balcony....
Here's some pics from last year. 
Following on with the #twitterhometour theme ;) 
If you missed that post you can find it by clicking HERE,or on the button in my sidebar.


 Looks like Florida, doesn't it? Pinch, pinch....Nope - it's still Toronto! 


These guys are A LOT bigger now!
They are still indoors, but once it's hot enough I'll take pics of them again :D

Here's this year's balcony so far...taken with my new camera! 
Yeah... got kinda artsy fartsy with those last ones...
I dunno. I think it kinda works.  What do you think? 
 I love this pink tree    ^                
I will have to get a pic of it from the ground. 
Plus, I still have a LOT of planting to do. 
And I took pics of my raspberry & blueberry 'bushes' but right now they are just a stick sticking out of the dirt with a few little tiny sproutlings starting.  Not so post worthy. 
BUT - Topper was extremely post worthy!
His eyes look so pretty in the natural light with a blue backdrop!

And... that's all folks!
I'm open to suggestions - what would you like to see pictures/ videos of? 
More lizards? More fish? More plants? More fur babies? More... stuff?
Leave a comment!  Sharing is caring :)



  1. awesome photos!!! love your cat!!

  2. Great pictures!!! I seriously love all your plants. You should come down here and teach me how to grow plants that well :-p

  3. Your cat is tooooooo cute!!

    Def gonna be following from now on!! :)

  4. Great pictures. I wish I could grow plants/flowers. I pretty much kill everything. I think I water them too much. Or maybe they don't get enough sun. I don't have many indoor sunny places.

    Beautiful job.



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