Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hubbub & Hooplah

It's been a few of weeks since I've made the time to write a blog posting.
This is not a direct indication of a lack of things going on, in fact it's exactly the opposite.
Those of you who read my tweets know that it's been a few weeks of new kitty fun, deck building ... uh... fun... (yeah right!) and general work mayhem (o.k, so that's nothing new)
But I needed to ground myself for a moment & get back to my writing, so here's a quick little update for y'all.

June 16th, we brought home our newest fur-baby, Blue.  The first few days were horrible because he wouldn't stop crying for his family (he used to live with his Mom, Dad, Brother, Grandma & two dog-siblings, and they were left on their for at least 12 hrs a day! Why some people get pets is astonishing to me. But I digress...) Now he seems to have adjusted to life with Topper, Bronx & Atilla and he's fitting into our family wonderfully!

I was initially skeptical about having a new kitty come into the house.  Sess's death seemed a little (LOT!) too recent, and a thoughtless tweet from an ignorant follower (saying I must not have loved Sess that much if I was replacing her so soon) had me really doubting that I wanted to keep Blue, long term (we took him from a bad home under kinda 'foster parent' status)   But seeing him find his place within our fur-family, and getting to know his spunky little personality has assuaged my fears.  Sess is never going to be forgotten, never can be replaced and anyone who has ever had a pet and been close to an animal knows that one can never ever replace another due to their vastly differing personalities!

There will be many more pictures in the near future :0)

June 17th my parents left for a 6 day vacation to Florida.  This is when the REAL mayhem began as we decided to build them a MUCH needed deck in their backyard.   My mom has Multiple Sclerosis and has been unable to get into her backyard for 3 years due to the poorly designed steps (sans handrail) that led out of the kitchen door.   6 days of rain (blood, sweat & tears) and .... 


There it is - partially finished.  As finished as we could get it considering the torrential downpours that happened 3 out of the 6 days they were gone.... We've since put up some privacy lattice in the back corner & more railings.... you'll see it all when I post the step-by-step build photo post! \
All in all, despite how much hard work it was and how difficult it was to juggle our full time business responsibilities with doing a personal project after work hours... it was incredibly worthwhile, just seeing my Mom happy in her yard again, and hearing that she sits out there every morning for her coffee.  

And otherwise how have I been?  Emotionally? Mentally? Well, busy is good but I'm definitely ready for my own little vacation (despite that I don't see it happening anytime soon).  I've been holding myself together despite a HUGE amount of work stress and an overfilled schedule, so all in all I'm pretty proud of myself.   One of the residual effects of my past experiences with mental illness is that I'm always waiting for the stress to make me fall apart.  I think I'm finally learning to trust my coping skills.  It's a good feeling.  So that's the feeling I hold onto now, on high stress days (much like TODAY!!!!! :P) and it helps me get over the initial hump of anxiety when something goes wrong and lets me get onto the down-slide back to a less anxious state much quicker than before.

I've been taking a (not voluntary) break from tweeting and blogging due to the recent events of my life, but I'm hoping that things will calm down enough for me to regain some of my zen & start writing on a more regular basis again.  I've really missed it, and I've been missing all of you!  My last post about adoption was a bit risky subject for me and a comment I responded to had me doubting my desires to return to the blogosphere.  Maybe I'm too sensitive for this kind of open book exposure online. But my dear friend @PlaiduhPus (you can check out her NEW blog here) said "just blog."  So I am.  And hoping for the best.   You see, I am all up for discussion.  I like conversation.  But when someone posts a negative response to a touchy blog post & on top of it all does it ANONYMOUSLY it kinda irks me.   And it irks me even more to be judged about my irkiness. (which is what happened when I talked about the situation on Twitter.) But... in an attempt to thicken my skin (good practice for me in real life too) I'm back and I won't let anyone get to me.

(ok, that's not true. Stuff will still get to me, but I'm not about to let it stop me :P)

Till next time! Peace! <3


  1. I am very proud of you.

    I'm starting to realize that within the TTC/IF/Adoption community each of us are there because at least one thing in our life didn't go as planned. And when that one thing is something so incredibly essential to the emotional makeup of a woman, needless to say emotions will always be riding high and knee jerk reactions are the norm.

    What this means is that we have to be ever so patient with each other. No one else is going to understand us exactly as we understand each other. So the last thing we need is to jump to conclusions or allow a misunderstanding to get taken to the next level.

    Turning away from blogging would have been a mistake. You had a bump in the road and now you must move forward, holding no regrets but also holding no anger against the one(s) who hurt you. Remind yourself that you are strong, you are capable and you are not alone.

    I love you and am glad you're back.
    Please stay. <3

  2. P.S. Thank you for the shoutout. *hugs you big time*

  3. I've missed you. I feel like we haven't talked in forever.

    Anonymous blog comments suck. I had it happen to me recently and it really upset me.

    Blue is adorable :)

    Great job on the deck!!



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