Monday, February 8, 2010

Too little to leave out... a post-post update.

I thought some of you who had been dedicated enough to read all three parts of Too Much for Words would like an update on today's visit....  and if you haven't read - you can read part one, part two and part three by clicking on em.

Today's visit was actually really good!

My uncle felt decent enough to be put into a chair so we wheeled him down to this atrium area in the hospital where there is a weekly concert on Sundays.
 He was tired but said he enjoyed the music and company.
No drama, no fuss.

I feel (physically) like ab-so-lute SHITE right now... lotsa walking/standing up...
but my heart feels happy.Well - happy-er anyways.

Guess this is what doing the "right" thing feels like.

ps. to those of you who read/commented on parts one, two or three,  thank you so much for reaching out!  You are the reason blogging (and tweeting) has become my new favourite hobby!

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  1. So glad that y'all had a good visit and were able to enjoy each other's company <3



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