Saturday, February 20, 2010

Writers Block

Well, I've got writer's block again.  I thought to myself - what do my Tweeps & blogles wanna read? I'm really not sure! I thought the Ani stuff would be big... but alas, only 4 comments on those two posts combined so far...

Then I thought... I'll do a zoo post! But ya'll already know what pets I have.
And it just doesn't seem that interesting right now. Plus, I'd have to dig out pictures. And it's only fair to show ya'll some of the crazy animals we've had in the past as well - so that'll be a post for another day on which I am a bit more inspired.

So, instead, here I am, babbling away, blogging about writer's block.

What are your techniques for battling the dreaded "empty head" syndrome?
Do you get down-in-the-dumps like I do when you can't think of a good blog posting?

(my train of thought when this happens... "I must be useless. I must be boring! Why am I even bothering? I should go back to bed.)

But THEN.... THEN my dear tweets & blogles.... I remember all of you. And I realize... I can't be THAT boring... there are people following me! And reading my randomness! So I pull myself out of my self-pitying duvet-encased cave and write.

And today, I am writing about nothing.

Nothing, nothing nothing.

Sorry to disappoint you, my tweets &blogles.  Even the insanely-sane NaVe has brain farts.
And, occasionally, like this morning, an empty head. 

Please comment - hearing from you makes me happy!


  1. You make me giggle :-p I tend to only write when I really want to write. Lately I have felt like I haven't written enough so I have been trying to consciously think of what to write. Usually my ideas come to me in the shower :-p

  2. When I have nothing to write about I upload some of my photographs and songs/poems.


    (non subtle hint)

  3. Writing about nothing is appropriate sometimes! I've been keeping a note going on my iPhone with blog post ideas....because I seem to go through bouts of blogger's block!

  4. I tend to only write when I have something to say. Sometimes I'll go a whole week without writing anything. Then sometimes I will have so many ideas I won't know which one to pick. Right now I have 4 different posts I have started, saved, but not finished. I've been all over the place with ideas this weekend, but not enough attention span to follow through on any of those ideas.



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