Tuesday, February 16, 2010


D and I have always had the same vision of our ideal future.

 Our Utopia.

The ideal place for raising children, living organically, and spreading peace and love to those who we meet.

This mutual dream has held us together during some pretty rough patches. I think it's so important to have the same vision for the future, and while our present seems to indicate that we are quite opposite, our shared vision always manages to prove to me that our differences now will become our strengths then.

Obviously, having children is a big part of our mutual hope and dream for our future.

But we have other some very specific desires as well.

Right now we reside in the concrete jungle that is Toronto, Ontario.   And while we live outside of the downtown core, and thus we have more trees and grass up here, we still can't look around us without seeing towering apartment and condo buildings.

And we hate it. H.A.T.E.
We hate the traffic and the noise and the ignorance and rudeness.
We hate the rush and the bustle.

Our Utopia?
We hope to buy a parcel of land - SOON.
It's pretty expensive, even further out from the city, to get a decent parcel with a fair amount of acreage , but we are saving up and also keeping our eye on foreclosures/land auctions etc.

Once we have said parcel of land, we will probably be completely broke, thus having to start saving again to build our home on it.  I'm kind of excited to be "land poor" though - we plan to buy a trailer (and use my interior deco skills and D's handyman skills to supe it up so it's the coolest trailer you everdidsee) to live in until we can build what we want. We haven't fully agreed on what style of home we'd like to live in, but treehouses, log homes, and underground bunkers have all been discussed.

We will plant seeds, have *some* farm animals, for milk and eggs (working on D to become a veggie. Almost there).  

I'm also thinking I may like  to be able to homeschool my kids.  This is not something I am 100% decided on though. I feel that social interaction is absolutely vital and would not like to take that away from my children however if our plan goes as we hope, we would have not just our family living on our land.

We would also open our land up to like minded individuals and ideally have a co-op/commune/kibbutz type environment going.  All of us working to sustain ourselves and our happy, peaceful lifestyle.  Away from violence, away from hatred, away from intolerance.

Anyone interested? 

I know, I know. We should've been hippies. Man, we would've made great hippies...


  1. I love your utopia!!!! I would so be interested if P wasn't planning to spend the next 15-20 years in the military. I hope that one day we can also grow much of our own food and I LOVE underground bunker idea!

  2. It sounds pretty darn perfect to me! Fingers crossed that you end up this way so I can help support your organic farm by being a willing purchaser of produce and the like! That's one of the things I've been enjoying with many farms up our way. We've been trying to buy our produce, etc. from farms and it's just fantastic! Great post!

  3. You know Joseph and I are in. We are going to build our own home as well. All from recycled material and parts and we would like to install several solar panels so we can not only produce our own electricity, but create so much we actually spit it back into the community. And hey, who couldn't use an extra engineer around the commune?

    I was homeschooled for several years because my folks moving so much. It was an interesting experience. There was good and there was bad. I think had I been in a "community" of other likeminded families, it wouldn't have been so hard, but we were very much alone and I was socially lacking, when I went into public school as a teenager. But the upsides were that I receieved an education on humanity and life, through the experiences I was allowed because we had an unconventional school schedule. I am the person I am today because of those years at home with my parents and siblings. I've considered homeschooling as well. And I understand your desire to do so.

  4. Sounds like a great utopia! :)

  5. I love this. My family talks about doing this all the time. We're spread out across the country right now but we talk about buying a big piece of land and all of us living on it together. My brother lives in Portland, Oregon and he is always saying we should move out there and do it. Probably won't happen, but we love talking about it. Growing our own food, raising our children together, etc.

    I love the picture of the house in the tree. I was just telling Adam a couple weeks ago that I want to live in a tree like that.

    I LOVE this post.



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