... on Poetry

I am, first and foremost, a singer/songwriter.   
Having said that.... most of my songs start out as prose or poetry.

Sometimes they never make it past the page but that doesn't diminish their meaning to me.

When the mood strikes (or a friend makes a specific request) I'll occasionally share my poems, works in progress, spoken word, and other mediums of expression.

Some will be NaVe originals, some will be by poets and artists I find inspirational.

If you have a piece that you would like to have featured on my blog please email me. Also? I'm always open to suggestions and collabs so if you read something here and hear music PLEASE let me know.  The internet is MADE FOR long distance collabs.

Want to read some poetry posts you may like from the past?  Here are a couple....
You can also always click on "poetry" in the word cloud in the sidebar. 




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