Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Happy's

The last post I wrote was all about finding my happy. This is one of my favourite times of year and it's the perfect time for me to ... Well... BE HAPPY!
And I'm finding small pleasures to take joy in every day, even on the grump-infested snark overloaded ones.
Today I wrapped my parents Chanukah gift (which I'm happy to say I think that they will really enjoy this year!

And the finished product....

And now that I'm done I'm feeling even more wonderfully festive so here are some shots from around our apartment (this is a spontaneous iPhone camera shoot, so pardon the sort of crappy photography!)

It's snowing!! And a shot of some of our lights...

A view of our ficus christmukah tree

Bears in a tree! One is D and the other's me! (teehee that rhymes!)

For my Aussie & Southern US readers - do you know what kind of pine tree this is? We've had Nora for 6 years... She looks beautiful as ever with her twinkle lights & glitter balls!

The headless desert nutcracker & his be-header ... And a Christmas cactus, 2010's addition to our cactus garden.

Headless desert Nutcracker's head!

The stuffed animal& candy cane ficus christmukah tree....

And again...

Our stockings, the leopard print one was Sessie's, now it's waiting for a pic of the dogs and cat boys... She willed it to them.

More of the big christmukah ficus.

Our wreath & icicle lights & stained glass door to balcony...

Christmukah cat!

And... That's all folks!!

- Posted on location from my iPhone
(doesn't that sound like so official & stuff? Like I'm a reporter... On location... Hehehe)

(oh yeah... Leave a comment!! Kthx& HAPPY HOLIDAYS!)

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