Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FINALLY! Some forward movement!

The calls came in!
At long last!
I have a plan!

Sorry for the exclamations but I'm so excited. This could mean a lot of new things for me (and D... us!)  As many of you know I was less than pleased with the way things were going at my fertility clinic.  I felt like a piece of meat - handled indelicately and poked and prodded at will. I barely saw my doctor, other than when she did my laproscopy, the results of which were discussed with me only moments after waking up and then never again. Not to mention the distinct impression that I was being treated as if I was a hypochondriac with every question I asked.

BUT, I'm not going to delve too far into complaining about her though because I'm hoping that today's news means I don't have to go back there ever again.

 The first appointment that I was expected was actually a referral made by above mentioned fertility doctor.  I have been waiting since November for it.  I was pretty much in crisis mode when the referal was made, and now I'm not really in that place anymore, which is making me a bit nervous for the appointment.  It's for counseling services for infertiles provided by a Woman Centered Hospital. Sounds great right? I'm hoping it will pan out to be great.  I'm not in crisis anymore but as it was very Clomid related I'm hoping that if I put a safety net into action now  then I won't have to find myself in that dark hole again. ( I went into a deep dark depression, remnants of which are still visible in my earlier blogs) That appointment is on February 24th at 9am.

The second appointment was the referral that the gyno that I saw a couple of weeks ago.  I am VERY excited for this one! It is a doctor who specializes in Endometriosis and PCOS and he has scheduled off 50 min for me!  I don't think I have spoken with my fertility doctor for 50 min. in TOTAL counting all the times I have been to that clinic! So I am pretty stoked for that one - hoping to get some answers finally! Let's get the ball rolling! That appointment is on March 15th at 10am.

So I'm excited! It's going to be good! Things will get going again, and I can have my baby-focus back :D

Please comment - hearing from you makes me happy!


  1. Sounds great! Glad you finally have those appointments. You deserve to have the help you need. And to have a doctor who will really listen to you, as well as explain everything to you. Excited for you!!

  2. I am so glad to hear you have these appts set up and so glad that you are feeling good about them! Nothing is better than having a dr that takes times for you!

  3. That is great!! 50 minutes is wonderful to have that much time with a doctor. I hope you get all of your questions answered and will have a new plan of actions. Good luck with everything!

  4. Yeah for 50 minutes! That's awesome! You have your appointment right around the time I have mine. Definitely keep us updated with how it goes. :)



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