Thursday, February 18, 2010

Customise your iPhone Ringtones

Thought I'd do a little blurb about my favourite ringtone maker for iPhone.

Your iPhone DOES NOT have to be jb (though mine happens to be, and I love it  by the way, no problems that weren't there before I did it... and everything is reversible anyways.  If you're interested in learning how to do it it's super easy, look it up on YouTube. Just make sure you check the update - mine is still running on 3.1.2.  Not sure it works on 3.1.3 but you can always restore the phone so it doesn't really matter...)

But I digress... back to ringtones...

It's super easy - you can either choose from the TONS of ringtones they already have online,or you can create your own using your own mp3's.

Click HERE to go to their website - but read below first.... I learned a few things along the way I can share with you to make your experience a little quicker than mine was.

1. Think of your fave song and search to see if it's there before you upload it from your computer.  It probably will be - even Ani DiFranco has many many songs uploaded already.
2. If you don't like the section of the song that they have uploaded, check below and many times there are a bunch of different choices of sections from the same song.
3. If you really don't find what you want, go ahead and upload your song and choose the section you would like as your ringtone. This doesn't really take that long, just a little faster to get one that's already there....
4. Click "download ringtone for iTunes". This will put it into your ringtones list on your iTunes.  You won't have this list yet unless you have already downloaded/paid for ringtones. It'll just appear there once you start downloading em. Make sure to SAVE FILE not OPEN AS.   If you OPEN AS it will NOT sync to your iTunes/iPhone - it'll only PLAY through your iTunes, and will not store/save.

This took me about 45 min. to figure out.  Yeah....

It was 5 am ok? I hadn't had any coffee yet.  No making fun! At least I'm letting you know about it so you don't have to go through the aggravation.

and finally....

5. Sync your ringtones to your phone using your iTunes, the same way you would sync music/photos etc.! You can add a whole bunch to use for different contacts too.  They will appear above the stock ringtones in your settings/sounds/ringtone section on your phone.  


Wasn't that easy?

If you have any questions about this, or about jb your phone then hit me up on Twitter, or leave a comment below!

Please comment - hearing from you makes me happy!

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  1. What's a jailbroken iPhone? I have an iPhone, but no idea what jb means...



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