Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - well.... sort of wordless Wednesday

Feelin' nostalgic this morning and I felt like reminiscing on some of our past camping trips.

Come along with me for the ride!

OOH D still had his long hair in some of these pics. :D

These two pics are of the same house, taken from different angles & 3 years apart. 
Yes, we are creatures of habit!

D first thing in the morning - my sleep lion roars!

I'm gettin' hungry!   Better start cookin'....

yum.  Food tastes much better than Frogs. 

 I love windmills.  Wave of the future. I HOPE!

Pictures do not do the nighttime justice.
 It was breathtaking.

Quiet early mornings...
perfect for fishing.

I love sleeping with the tent fly off....

This shot took about 2 hours to get - we were on an inflatable raft, floating around in the lake trying to get a shot of us kissing under the harvest moon.  We kept drifting further and further away... took about a zillion shots because we would spin out of position the second the moon was behind us... It was quite fun! ...............................

This particular trip was VERY VERY RAINY.  Hence Shanty town.

BUT we ate VERY VERY well....

Ahhhh.... our canoe... which sprang a leak on this particular trip.

These pics sum up my love for Canada....
and demonstrate the reason we should really just pack up and go live in the woods.

I hope you enjoyed the trip!  Please let me know if you like the photo-post! Not sure if this is a popular idea, but if it is, I have TONS of home-zoo (etc.) pics to post!


  1. The first picture is absolutely beautiful! looks like you have a wonderful time on these trips! :)

  2. I very much enjoy the picture post! You're so adorable! :)

  3. I love camping!! Great pics :)



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