Thursday, March 25, 2010

the ABC's of ME

I'm having a slow start this morning.  
Stuff's fuzzy, foggy & slow,thus...
I'm borrowing a post idea from Liberal Granola Girl's Blog  
who got it from  Type A’s Nightmare.

Sharing IS caring. :D   

The ABCs of me:
A – Age: 29
B – Bed size: King
C – Chore you hate: cleaning the litter box (which D pretty much does every time now even though they are "my" cats.  I hold the bag sometimes while looking away and gagging.)
D – Dog/Pet’s name: You guys have met 4 already, Bronx, Atilla (dogs) Topper & Sess (cats).  Then there's the rest of the zoo who are yet to be introduced: Freddy, Frank, Shovelhead, Green eyed bandit, Spot, Food.  And 6 unnamed little creatures who we also love. More to come on them later, but if you want to read bout some of my animals check this out.
E – Essential start to your day item(s): really not proud to say this but... my green best friend. those who know me well know what I'm talking bout.  Those who don't... well, use your imagination, or read some of my older posts. You'll figure it out.
F – Favorite color: Used to be indigo blue, now I'm starting to lean more towards turquoise-y blues/ greens.  My glasses are turquoise on the inside.
And I <3 anything forest-y, as you can tell! :D
G – Gold or Silver: white gold or PLATINUM :D
H – Height: 5′ 2″ (and D is 6'2".  I often wonder if we look funny to other people)
I – Instruments you play(ed): piano, viola, cello, guitar, flute, recorder. but am not v.good.
J – Job title: Home Office Manager. Wifey. Pet Mama.
K – Kisses or hugs: why do I have to choose?
L – Living arrangements: renting :( stupid apartment.  We can't wait to live in Utopia.
M – Mood: restless. ready for a change. anxious for summer.
N – Nicknames: Nat, NaVe (Nah-vey.  It's what I use if I perform & online. obviously)Babe, Baby, Natalushka (thanks Mom) zabinka(again, Mom. It means little frog in Slovak. I dunno why she calls me this,sounds cuter out loud.)
O – Overnight hospital stays other than birth: a bunch.  I went nuts about 10 yrs ago and got sent to the looney bin a few times. I'm better now.  MOSTLY :P
P – Pet Peeves: Adults not cleaning up after themselves (I've had people stay on my couch a lot in the last few years. Mostly men, but even the women... like, you're staying here RENT FREE. Pick up your coffee cup and put it in the sink! Or, *GASP* wash it yourself!)  AND people who have lived in Canada for more that 5 years and still don't speak a word of English. And they run a store. In Toronto.
Q – Quote from a movie: I dunno if this is really my fave, but it's all I could think of...
"Hurumph! Hurumph! Hurumph! Hey! I didn't get a Hurumph outta that guy!
R – Right or left handed: Right
S – Siblings: none - that I know of.... but I'm adopted, so WHO KNOWS?
T – Time you wake up: It depends, but almost always before 8am.
U- Underwear: um, like, do I wear it?? most of the time.... :p
V – Vegetable you dislike: Radish, Beets.
W – Ways you run late: I always run late. I run late when there’s no way to run late. I will most certainly be late for my funeral. <—-ME TOO <-----------ME THREE!!!!
X – X-rays you've had: like, every part of my body.  I'm a huge clutz.
Y – Yummy food you make: Turkey with all the trimmings, stuffing from scratch! anything sweet/baked... cheese& spinach omelets, pad thai.
Z – Zoo favorite: marmosets!  I could spend HOURS at their cage! And at the Toronto Zoo they are in an actually cage, not behind plexi, so they come right up to you and you can touch their toes through the wire!  Not that you're supposed to or anything... geee, I hope the zoo police don't come to my door now....

Your turn =)

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