Saturday, January 30, 2010

Come for a country drive with me....

Thought I'd share what I've been keeping busy with all evening...
and during most of my couching marathon day today...
I just discovered Photobucket's  amazing editing abilities and have been messing around with some of my older and more favourite photo's.

Here's an example. I took this pic on our way home from a camping trip in 2007.  Typical rural Ontario scenery.  I love it.

What do ya think?
Am considering having one printed out & framed...

It started out...

Original image - abandoned house

Then it became...
abandoned house,ontario,nature

And the final product... 

And here are some other's that are just kinda fun...





Do you have any photo's you would like to see edited?
I'll mess around with 'em for ya!
Which one of the above is your favourite?
Drop me a comment!


  1. I love messing around with photos! I am planning to buy the editing program for my MacBook. I actually edited all of our wedding pictures :)

  2. I was wondering what you were doing on Photobucket last night! lol The last one is my favorite!



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