Monday, January 11, 2010


So I am officially done fucking around with my blog layout.
If you don't like it then....   DON'T READ ME.

I think I feel better now...

Phew ... Just spent the last 4 + ???? hours working on this thing.
I think I finally like it.
After deleting it like 3 times by mistake.

Oh dear - I love computers!
This was SOOOO not the blog I had planned for tonight but I have the WORST migraine now.

By the way - I was not serious above.  If you don't like something about the new layout, esp. the colours (ie. if it is hard to read, hard on the eyes, etc etc) please feel free to comment below. I'm not officially done, just done for tonight ;)

Thx for sticking around to read this empty & meaningless post! :)

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