Thursday, January 28, 2010

Being a blogette is hard work! Belated Wordless Wednesday...

I finally got my page looking more the way I want it to.
Geez! Who knew it could take this long?
But I am finding a strange (albeit familiar) sense of accomplishment and satisfaction arising from my newly completed look.
It's a feeling that I haven't felt since my drafting days (for my Interior Decorating Certificate)

Since I'm in that frame of mind, I thought I'd post a late Wordless Wednesday. (In my books it's still Wednesday, even though it's way after midnight... I haven't gone to bed yet, so it must still be the same day!)

Here are some pics of some of the drafting I did in college.

The last image is the one that I use on all my company letterhead and invoices. It is an image I came up with, initially for school, but I got such a good response with it I decided to use it as my logo for my business (on my business cards etc.) as well.

Work is slow right now in the design/decorating world, but I'm hoping to slowly but surely rise in my niche.  With global awareness rising exponentially and trends surrounding eco-friendly lifestyles on the upswing, I'm confident that my earth-friendly, power-saving (read: money-saving!) natural and organic designs will take flight!

At least in the meantime while I wait for the market to improve, I have my writing, and my newfound obsession of perfecting my blogette stylz! 

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  1. I like the new blog design! And those pictures are amazing. You have real talent!



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