Monday, January 18, 2010

A Shortie... but a goodie :)

To my faithful followers -

I have been M.I.A for 2 days because I have been stuck in Dexter Heavan.
Episode after episode I sit, glued to my tv, waiting to see who will be next on Dexter's radar. (Btw, he is the yummiest serial killer EVER).

Loved this...
Masuka, "You are offending my people!" and stalks away angrily.
Quinn, "Who are his people?"
Angel, shrugging, "Who knows? Small scientists?"

I just love the dialogue in this show.  If I could write like that I would be a millionaire. Cagillionaire in fact. 

oh - side note.... I am writing a blog for my uncle - well, kinda.   I'll explain more in detail in my next post, but for now, if you'd like, you can check it out at:

And now... D is back from his dog walk, and we are back to our little Dexter cocoon.

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