Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fresh Start?

In my last post I expressed the desire to start anew, flip over the 'ol mattress of my mind & open up the windows to let the light in.  So to speak.

Yeah. I'm having issues with that.

Whilst my blog has taken on a clean, crisp & new appearance, my mind didn't get the memo & has instead remained in it's prior state of wallowing in it's own self-repugnance.

This morning at the Orthapedic clinic I felt myself sinking into a cesspool of jealousy (the very feeling that I am trying to STOP feeling) when realizing that I was the only 'be-crutched' patient in the whole clinic who had to come in alone, had no coffee or tea for the wait (carrying hot liquids on crutches is bad to one's health, I have discovered this week) AND, to add insult to injury, Twitter was virus-ed (like, when does that EVER happen?) just in my time of emotional need & vulnerability.

This left me wondering; How on EARTH did I get by before my tweeties?

Oh - and I also had this long & wonderful post typed out about how I downloaded BlogPress for my iPhone and will thusly be blogging much more often.... and then my phone glitched and I lost the whole damn thing.

AND all that was BEFORE the appointment, during which my poor knee was made to bend & twist in ways I try to avoid when I'm NOT injured.... and also before I was told that I may wind up having to have a scope surgery to investigate further what's wrong with my knee. 

So for today I'll leave it at this... I'm going to crawl into my fuzzy bathrobe, under my fuzzy blanket & try and keep my mind in fuzzy, warm thoughts.

And maybe tomorrow I'll have another fresh start.


  1. *hugs* I hope your knee starts feeling better soon. And I agree about twitter.. how did we ever do it before??

  2. As long as you know that you can always have a fresh start, I think you're gonna be okay. <3



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