Tuesday, May 11, 2010


No, I'm not talking about the Michael Moore flick.
I'm talking bout me.

Right after I pulled myself from out of the dark clutches of depression, WHAM

The flu.
Full blown, sweating buckets while shaking under a thick winter duvet, flu.
I haven't felt like this in at least a decade.
It's enough to make me want my Mommy (but had to suppress this urge, as cleaning my whole house to be white-glove-able is soooo not something I was gonna do!)

So my plans to get on track with blogging and twitter is derailed once more as my head hurts so bad that it feels like my eyeballs might give up on their sockets and just walk away.
And I won't even tell you what my tonsils want to do to my throat.  It's criminal.

And thus, I leave you after this brief, forced, and kinda whiny post....
I just felt like I needed to reconnect with y'all, even if just for a moment.
And let ya know I'm still alive! (in case you haven't been following my bitchy flu-induced rantings on Twitter!)

Till better days. <3


  1. She lives!


    Well, technically, she lives.


    get better.

  2. Hope you feel less crappy soon!!



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