Friday, May 14, 2010

Flower Power Friday

Flowers always make me feel better.

In the depths of sadness they remind me of the beauty in the simplicity of life.

Even if just for a few moments they prove that peace on earth is possible, even if only for a split second.  Even if only in my heart. (and the hearts of others like me)

I've been wanting to start some kind of weekly ritual on my blog as I feel I have kind of lost momentum in the last little while.  I love #Tattoo Tuesdays, but, alas, I am chicken girl, I have no ink so I can't participate in that one (yet! I've always said I'll get a tattoo of my child(ren)'s names 'cuz I those are sure to stay the same forever!)

Last Sunday, Mother's Day, as I was busying myself preparing my Mom's and Bubby's gifts, some blossoms fell off of one of the hanging baskets I bought.  They were so beautiful I had to immortalize them and thus....

is born! 

I'll upload pictures that I have either photographed myself, or photos from famous photographers that I love.  Feel free to join in and I hope you enjoy!

and sorry if you follow me on facebook and have already seen these.  
I love them. I'm proud of them.  I will show them off.



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